High Precision Tools for Composite Machining

AXIS have the right Milling and Drilling solutions designed for machining difficult to machine Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and Metal Matrix Composites (MMC).
Composites and especially Carbon fibres are being utilized increasingly due to their favourable physical and mechanical properties.
Problems when machining Composites are :
• Delamination
• Uncut Fibers
• Fiber tear-outs
• Uneven Tool wear
• Poor surface finish
These problems are caused by unique conditions created by composite materials, which make it very difficult to get smooth surfaces.
AXIS Tools for CFRP are optimally engineered for these applications to counter the machining challenges.
Our CFRP cutters are available in Coarse, Medium and Fine cuts.
AXIS Drills for CFRP have special geometries and coatings with following features:
• Specially designed geometries
• Sharp cutting edges with optimised grinding techniques
• NexGen CVD Diamond coatings

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