AXIS , uses Swiss Precision technology. Best in class Swiss, German and Japanese machines and high end instruments
are to make products of high precision and consistency.
Our Swiss heritage ensured a sound foundation to our production. We further innovate and ensure that technological advances are continuously embraced and complimented with our skills and expertise in Tool making.

In-house NexGen Coatings

We are fully integrated manufacturers of Tools with in-house NexGen CVD Diamond Coating and PVD Coating with long standing experience of tools application and sales of these types of Tools.

AXIS... always at the front end...

We use advanced manufacturing methods combined with unique Swiss technology - MMP Technology to make AXIS+ Cutting tools with Super finishing. AXIS Plus integrates High Precision Tools manufactured at our facility with a State-of-the-Art unique, proprietary in-house super-finishing treatment, to create an unique,unparalleled product. The MMP Technology can continually reproduce mirror-like finishes with unrivaled aesthetic consistency and technical precision. The technology delivers these results even on some of the most complex geometries. The results are both uniform and reproducible. The unique ability of the Micro Machining Process MMP to selectively target roughness can dramatically impact the performance and tool life of specialized cutting tools. Cutting edge and surface preparation before and after coating leads to significant improvement in performances.Tool life can be enhanced as chips do not get stuck and tool change times dramatically reduced. Overall cost reductions are possible with small increase in product prices.

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