AXIS + Cutting Tools with Super Finishing

AXIS + Cutting Tools with Super Finishing

AXIS Tools for mICRO mACHINING – We offer tooling solutions for Precision Machining for a wide range of applications and demanding materials.

We use advanced manufacturing methods combined with unique Swiss technology – MMP Technology- to make AXIS+ Cutting tools with Super finishing.

AXIS Plus integrates High Precision Tools manufactured at our facility with a state-of-the-art unique, proprietary in-house super-finishing treatment, to create an unique,unparalleled product.

The MMP Technology can continually reproduce mirror-like finishes with unrivaled aesthetic consistency and technical precision. The technology delivers these results even on some of the most complex geometries.

The results are both uniform and reproducible. The unique ability of the Micro Machining Process MMP to selectively target roughness can dramatically impact the performance and tool life of specialized cutting tools. 

Cutting edge and surface preparation before and after coating leads to significant improvement in performances.Tool life can be enhanced as chips do not get stuck and tool change times dramatically reduced. Overall cost reductions are possible with small increase in product prices.

AXIS+ tools offer the following benefits:

AXIS+ Technical Benefits :

– Reduced flute friction, drastically improves chip evacuation

– Reduced Heat Generation due to smooth cutting

– Controlled and repeatable edge honing

– Enhanced adhesion of thin coatings ( PVD and DLC) due to superior surface preparation

– Improved finish post PVD coatings as MMP removes coating defects

– Superfinishing of customized Diamond coatings by MMP Technolgy improves the performance of the tools especially when machining graphite and modern composite , such as CFRP

AXIS+ Advantages :

– Increased tool life

– Reduced cutting forces

– Increased homogeneity

– Narrow service life deviation

– Superior reproducibility

– Well suited to use on complex geometries

AXIS+ Range of Tools :

– Micro Drills

– Micro Endmills

– Ultra Long Drills

– PVD Coated Tools

– CVD diamond Coated Tools

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